Sky is the limit with ERTO and Q-VIO

The best products are a result of creative, strongly audience-oriented brainstorming. For the entire time of QVIO’s existence, the company has designed, together with ERTO (Federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees), additional products that strengthen and support the Erto brand.

Visual design has been the core of the products.

"Our traditional canvas bags, laptop bags, pens, pads, drinking bottles and neck pillows have been made by Q-VIO. But the special mention goes to the 'ERTO Buddy Guard’ reflector, and the 'Protect your butt at work' saddle cover which were practically grabbed out of our hands," says Mirkka Aho, ERTO Communications Specialist.

Quality with a ”can do” attitude

Q-VIO was selected as ERTO's partner due to its good service, security of supply and speedy deliveries, as well as its "can do" attitude.

"Q-VIO’s enthusiasm and expertise guarantee that the customer gets Q-VIO quality. Q-VIO overcomes the most difficult challenges with exceptional professionalism. Our joint projects have been successful and I have been very pleased," Aho praises.

"In particular, we have been pleased with the way Q-VIO works with new products. As Q-VIO actively participates in trade fairs, exploring new winds and trends, they always have new information to share with their customers," Aho explains.