Karhu products got into stores with the help of Q-VIO

Karhu (eng. bear) is part of the Finnish landscape in many ways. The familiar bear figure can now be seen on caps, shirts, boxers and even long johns as Karhu finally got its own store. The demand for Karhu products has been immense for a long time, and now the fans’ requests were answered together with Q-VIO.

Q-VIO has been involved in designing, finding, acquiring, and realising the entire Karhu store content. Products have been ordered, for example, from Neulomo in Nokia, and they have been manufactured in cooperation with Costo. The end results look stylish and feel like Karhu – they are high-quality Finnish products with straightforward, dark tones.

Exceptionally exceptional

Q-VIO’s journey with Sinebrychoff began years ago, so when they needed a partner for the Karhu store project, Q-VIO was a familiar choice. Q-VIO was also recommended to Karhu by their advertising agency hasan & partners.

"Right from the first discussion, Q-VIO seemed like a straightforward partner to do business with. Q-VIO's long experience and extensive networks were convincing, but the decisive factor was the mutual understanding between the two. There was an instant feeling that Q-VIO knows what we are talking about and what we're looking for," says Sinebrychoff's Group Brand Manager Jonathan Heino.

Cooperation has been unexceptionally smooth which is exceptional in itself.

”Q-VIO is a very reliable and amicable partner. It is so easy and fun to work with them because everything always happens as agreed. If and when there are plans to create more Karhu products, we will continue cooperation with Q-VIO," Heino states.

Pala Textiles Karhu-kauppa (karhu.mycashflow.fi)