Serla and Q-VIO design top-quality products

Many are familiar with Metsä Tissue Oy's Serla squirrels, adventuring from advertisements to keychains. The squirrels are manufactured responsibly in China and they have been developed in cooperation with Q-VIO. There are small squirrels and big squirrels - and a few gigantic ones.

The now six-year-long cooperation between Serla and Q-VIO began from a recommendation.

"A colleague told me to call Q-VIO, and said that they definitely have everything I need. That is how I ended up talking with Eira. After that, great projects have been carried out together with Q-VIO and the cooperation has been smooth."

Much more than squirrels

Serla does a lot of in-store promotion work in major department stores and grocery stores. With the help of Q-VIO, Finnish quality brands, such as Iittala and Aarikka, are sometimes used for in-store marketing, and sometimes Serla creates and manufactures its own products. Q-VIO also delivers a variety of t-shirts, fleeces and coats to Serla.

"Eira has an incredibly good understanding of what we need and want. It is nice that Q-VIO actively offers us things that we wouldn’t even come to think of.”

Doing together is better than wondering alone

Q-VIO also offers design help when new products are planned and made from scratch.

"It often happens that I have an idea of the product. Then I explain what I want. But then, when we start exchanging ideas, we always come up with something better than what I originally thought. Q-VIO operates all around the world and sees all kinds of things, so good ideas are bound to emerge.”

No matter what product you need, Q-VIO always has a contact somewhere around the world that manufactures them. You can go to Q-VIO with any problem; they are always ready to help.

"It saves me a lot of time, when I don’t have to wonder about these things alone."